Feel free to browse the projects we are doing in the lab

computational biophysics 

We are interested in designing computational models that explore biophysical phenomena, primarily collective behaviors. The associated .gif here shows a predator-prey interaction implementated into the Vicsek model.

Methods - Computational simulations, numerical analysis, data visualization, course design

mechanics of Collectives

Collective motion in schools of fish and flocks of birds provides awesome opportunities to learn how biological systems behave differently from engineered systems. Through high speed imaging of laboratory schools of fish, we aim to define the mechanical properties of an active material.

Methods - Build/design, soft matter, data optimization, image processing

Past Projects

Jumping Beans as Active Particles

Jumping beans are active particles that are driven away from equilibrium. We investigate motion of these beans within the framework of soft matter physics to describe their behaviors.

Methods - Active and soft matter, image processing

More experimental and computational projects to come!